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I always have loved the water, the sea, and the movies and books of Jacques Cousteau and Hans Hass.

But as I need +6 corrective lenses, I never considered scuba diving to be possible for me. - I spent the new year of 2000 at Key Largo / Florida, and I forgot my swimming goggles with corrective lenses. Therefore I went to a sports shop to buy one. - They did not have swimming goggles with corrective lenses, but they had it with snorkeling masks. WOW!  

I bought one, I went snorkeling for one day, I found out that -  with my new diving mask - I can see better under water than above. And the next day I signed up for a "discover scuba" course, with Don Richardson. As I did not have enough time for a course, I made my first six dives at the Penecamp Coral Reef as a "discover scuba diver".

In April 2000 I went to Thailand, and I made my PADI Open Water at Phi Phi Island, with Tim Frazer as my instructor. And I continued immediately to the PADI Advanced Diver certificate.

In June/July 2000 I again spent two weeks in Key Largo, and I did my Rescue Diver course, again with Don Richardson. Frankly speaking it was not that easy. Me being a native German speaker, and Don being an US instructor, sometimes caused funny misunderstandings. But finally I passed.

In the meantime I did nearly 100 dives (in Thailand, Burma, Egypt and Florida), and I now intend to make the "Dive Master". 

On this site I want to share my experiences and impressions of the under water world.

At this very moment this site is still very basic. If you are interested to be informed about future updates, please register for "update-news", and mention "diving". - I am looking forward to share my experiences on the fascination under water world. And maybe we can meet each others some time at one of the nice dive places in Asia Pacific or somewhere else.

Scuba diving in the Red Sea in Egypt.


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