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 Marokko 2003

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2003-04: Morocco - Marrakech,  the High Atlas and the Deserts

Starting in Marrakech, I visited Quarzarate, the Vallee du Dades, Tinerhir and the Gorges du Todra. - I saw the desert and dunes at Merzouga, the oases at Tazarine, and the National Park at Adra n'Der. - Join me on that exciting trip in a wonderful country, with open minded and friendly people, and with an amazing variety in its nature and cultures.

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(A "best of" selection of my over 400 slides. -  I appreciate your feedback)

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It was my first trip to Morocco, and my first trip into remote areas in an Arabian country. And I also knew that I was handicapped by not speaking French. - Therefore I decided to take it the easy way, and I hired a car with a driver, for 10 days.

And it was the best I could do. - I did not have to take care of traffic and finding the roads and hotels. I could watch and stop wherever and whenever I wanted. My driver, Mr. Mohamed Ait Benchekh, a young Berber, was fluent in speaking English, French, Arab and the Berber language. And he knew "everything" I was interested to hear and see.. For example, on one day I wanted to go really "off road", and away from all the known tourist tracks.  He helped me to  organized another car, and he showed me some roads and places in the mountains, where a  tourist never will find his way.

Whenever you go to Marrakech and want to make a tour as I did, I recommend to contact him!

Mohamed Ait Benchekh, Mobile: +212 (62) 60 77 65, Email:

If you are looking for a flexible travel agency, not squeezing you into "mainstream tourist busses", but providing you with very personalized service, I  can recommend:

Thomas Kasan,,
Email: Thomas Kasan []; Phone (Mobile): +49 (170) 6757870;

With a perfect guides like Mohammed, I had enough time to take more than 400 pictures, most of them with my  35mm film camera (Nikon F-802S, with Nikkor 28-70 and Sigma 70-300), and some times with my digital toy (Nikon Cooplix 990).

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All pictures are protected by copy rights. If you are interested to use/buy some of those pictures for commercial use, and/or you need some high resolution picture data, please contact me via Email.

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