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 India 2002

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Agra and Jaipur
Hotels & Shops

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2002-03: Two weeks in India, the North and the South

After attending Replication Asia in Delhi, I spent a few days to explore the "Golden Triangle of India" (Delhi, Agra with the famous Taj Mahal, and Jaipur). Later on I went to Cochin (Kohi) in the very south of the subcontinent, to have a look into the famous "backwaters".

India 2002.03: Agra - The Gateway to the Northern Triangle (German only)

India 2002.03: Jaipur - Forts, Palaces and more  (German only)

India 2002.03: Relaxing in the South - Cochin and the Backwaters (German only)

India 2002.03: My Hotels, the Agents, Drivers, Shops  and more ...



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