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Gerhard Papst and "Gepa Consulting" stands for industrial and engineering project management, software development, industrial operations management, software consulting, general management, business operations consulting, and for market research in technology related business areas. - It also stands for over 25 years of professional experience and knowledge in technical aspects of event design and event project management.  And it stand for multi culture business practice expertise, in Asia and in Europe.  - Instead of academic and theoretical "consulting presentations" I prefer to do personal hands-on works, on nearly any level.


For example: In the teams of two of my clients, there was lake of qualified software engineers dedicated and/or interested in technical software. - I had to find a quick and stable and cost-saving solution, to ensure a temporary bridge and to build-up a new team of SW engineers. - I refreshed my outdated professional experience as an Univac- /DEC-/ Fortran-/ MUPS-/ PDP11-Assembler SW engineer from the 1980th. I invested soome private time in learning ST (for B&R PLC's), MS-SQL Server 2008 R2, and (currently) in MS-VS for C#. - At and after 2011, I myself have designed and coded two large and complex software projects, combining all above mentioned technologies, and combining the technologies on multiple hardware platforms. - Currently, I work on get my new software team to get well trained, to take over.   


"BIOGRAPHY" will tell you about about my professional experiences and background.


"IN THE PRESS" will show some third party oppinions, published in the print media.


"PAPERS ..." will list my appearence as speaker at many international conferences

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